about us.

our beginnings

Our company was born in 2014, with a team of professionals with extensive experience in the transport and recycling sector of construction materials. His long history in large companies in the waste sector allowed us to grow rapidly, exceeding the objectives set for the next 3 years.

future vision

In middle 2017, the director of the company took a new course towards recycled plastic materials, opening a department and specializing in various types of materials, in their different forms and for different applications, the challenge was to look towards a future in which At least 70% of the plastic materials that we use in our day to day can be reused, from a shopping bag, a shampoo bottle, a water bottle, or a toy for children.


The Genco company begins to export and import materials from and to any part of the world, with which today it is able to minimize costs and offer its customers the possibility of acquiring different 100% recycled materials at very competitive prices.

Our desire to continue growing leads us to expand our structure and sign important agreements with great collaborators, to be able to offer a constant supply with homogeneous and high-quality materials.

Thanks for trusting us.


In our section on polymers, you can find the products that we sell the most, with their descriptions and varieties, and with the technical sheets where you can see the quality of the product.

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